The Boy with Video Game Powers (Paperback)

Paperback: Perfect Bound
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Kids who love video games will love the first book in this incredibly fun series about a boy who gets video game powers in real life and must use them to save the world from evil!

12-year-old Milo Garrett may not be the biggest, strongest, or most popular kid in school, but in the gaming world, he’s an absolute legend! After using his elite skills to acquire an ultra-rare magical ring in his favorite fantasy adventure video game, Milo wakes up to find a real ring on his finger—and it gives him extraordinary abilities from the game in real life!

Now, Milo can see “stats” floating over people’s heads, use magical spells and weapons, and even level up. But Milo learns his new powers come with a catch—evil creatures from the game are spawning into the real world, and Milo is the only one who can stop them.

To succeed, Milo will have to defeat powerful enemies, acquire amazing new items, and boost his wavering confidence. But as he’s about to discover, being a hero in the real world is a lot harder than being one in a video game. Especially since he has a limited number of Health Points—and when they run out there are no extra lives.

Kids 8-12, reluctant readers, and adults will love joining Milo on his quest to level up from gamer to real-life hero. With non-stop action and laugh-out-loud humor, this highly relatable, easy-to-read series unlocks an incredible reward—it gets kids reading!

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