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RL Ullman

Epic Zero Collection: Books 1-3 (Paperback)

Epic Zero Collection: Books 1-3 (Paperback)

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Look Inside Books 1-3

Growing Up in a Superhero Family is Cool, Unless You're Powerless...
**Gold Medal Winner - Readers' Favorite Book Awards (book 1)**
Over 8,000 five-star series reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

All Elliott Harkness wants is to be a superhero. His parents are superheroes. His older sister is a superhero. Heck, even his dog is a superhero. But Elliott has a problem—he’s a “Zero”—which is super-speak for powerless! So, while his family is off fighting crime, Elliott is stuck muddling through middle school.

Elliott feels ever-so-ordinary, until a mysterious girl changes everything. For some reason, she believes Elliott is the only one who can capture a mega-powerful, extraterrestrial orb before it falls into the wrong hands. But with menacing supervillains and globe-conquering aliens closing in fast, will Elliott find the power to be the epic hero he’s always wanted to be—or will he always be just an Epic Zero?

For a limited time, get all 3 books in one Epic 500+ page volume at a reduced price! Note: The paperback edition collects books 1-3 in a single volume and is not a boxed set.

The Epic Zero Series Collection includes:
- Epic Zero: Tales of a Not-So-Super 6th Grader
- Epic Zero 2: Tales of a Pathetic Power Failure
- Epic Zero 3: Tales of a Super Lame Last Hope
Note: The paperback edition collects books 1-3 in a single volume and is not a boxed set.

Epic Zero is the hilarious, action-packed series that will entertain kids 8-12, superhero fans, and adults. With its captivating stories, stunningly illustrated character profiles, and detailed super-glossary, Epic Zero has a surprising superpower of its own—it gets reluctant readers and kids who prefer graphic novels to read chapter books!

Here’s what readers are saying:

★★★★★ “Truly laugh-out-loud funny.”

★★★★★ “My kids and I could not put this book down!”

★★★★★ “I’m thrilled to have found a series that has my son this excited about reading!”

★★★★★ “My son struggles to find books he loves, but he loved this entire series.”

★★★★★ “We hit the jackpot with these books. My kids can’t wait to read more!”

★★★★★ “This was an amazing transition from graphic novels to chapter books!”

★★★★★ “It's like The Incredibles but so much more. This series is a winner!”

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Format Paperback
Pages 537
Reading Age 8-12 years
ISBN 978-1-953713-46-9
Dimensions 5.25 x 1.35 x 8 inches
Publication Date November 28, 2016
Publisher But That's Another Story... Press
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