Bestselling, Award-Winning Books for Kids!

R.L. Ullman gets kids to put down their screens and pick up a book! His stories have reached millions of young readers and have been translated into multiple languages. Check out his books and discover your next favorite series!

Discover Your Next Favorite Series!

Epic Zero Series

Growing Up in a Superhero Family is Cool, Unless You're Powerless...

Don't miss the bestselling, award-winning Epic Zero® series with over 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! This ten book series (and counting) is hilarious, action-packed fun for kids 8-12!


Unlegendary Dragon Series

He Wasn't Ready to be a Hero... or a Dragon!

Take flight with the new award-winning Unlegendary Dragon™ series! Percy Jackson meets Wings of Fire in this hilarious, action-packed adventure about a misfit kid who is destined to protect the world as a mighty dragon! Hilarious, high-flying fun for kids 8-12!


Monster Problems Series

The World Needed Heroes. It Got Kid Monsters...

You'll fall in love with the most unexpected heroes ever in the bestsellling, award-winning Monster Problems series! With over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon & Goodreads, this series is monster fun for kids 8-12!


Petunia the Unicorn Picture Book Series

Join the adventures of Petunia Cupcake Fluffybottom, a magical little unicorn making her way in the human world!

Packed with dazzling illustrations, laugh-out-loud humor, and sparkling unicorn magic, the Petunia the Unicorn™ series will leave young readers beaming with delight!


Meet the Author

R.L. Ullman is the bestselling, multiple award-winning author of books for young readers. He writes the kinds of books he loved reading as a kid, featuring fast-paced action, laugh-out-loud humor, and lots of heart. R.L. lives in Connecticut with his wife, son, and two dogs with unusually strong editorial opinions. Click below to find out more about R.L.

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