Unlegendary Dragon Series

Percy Jackson meets Wings of Fire in this hilarious, action-packed new series about a misfit kid who is destined to protect the world as a mighty, legendary dragon!

**Gold Medal Winner – Readers’ Favorite Book Awards**

Unlegendary Dragon is the first book in a hilarious, high-flying new series that will entertain kids 8-12, reluctant readers, and adults. 

Unlegendary Dragon: The Magical Kids of Lore

12-year-old Connor Pendridge is moving… again. This time, his mom thinks their lives will be better in Lore, a sleepy island town off the coast of New England. Connor doesn’t want to start over at yet another new school, especially in a place as boring as Lore. But as he quickly learns, Lore isn’t as boring as it seems.

That’s because fantastic creatures appear that only he can see—from fairies at school to goblins in his front yard. Connor thinks he’s going crazy until a mysterious woman reveals his true destiny and hands him a dragon amulet containing the magic of Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur. Now Connor must use the amulet to transform into a mighty dragon in order to stop an ancient, evil sorceress from conquering the world! Connor doesn’t know the first thing about being a dragon. Luckily, he has the help of Merlin, his magical mentor, and his new friends, Gabby, who has a unicorn amulet, and Wade, who has a griffin amulet. Will Connor take flight as the legendary dragon of his destiny—or will he flame out as the most unlegendary dragon of all time?


Unlegendary Dragon 2: The Fall of Camelot

Unlegendary Dragon 2

Book 2 in the new Unlegendary Dragon series!
Connor Pendridge has a magical amulet that can transform him into a mighty dragon. Unfortunately, he’s the most clueless dragon ever! If Connor is going to protect The Realms from the evil sorceress, Morgan le Fay, then he’d better learn how to be fearsome fast. But when his mentor, Merlin, suddenly goes missing, Connor discovers his problems are just beginning.

The Black Knight has come to lay siege to Camelot and it’s up to Connor and his friends to stop him! But as Connor learns, the Black Knight is no ordinary knight. He’s also a notorious dragonslayer who has his sights set on Connor! Connor’s only chance is to follow a mysterious map to a hidden treasure, but will it provide the power he needs to defeat the Black Knight? And what ever happened to Merlin anyway? With the fate of The Realms at stake, can Connor become the legendary dragon he’s destined to be—or will he always be unlegendary?


Unlegendary Dragon 3: The Battle for Avalon

Unlegendary Dragon 3

Coming October 2022!

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