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Join the most unexpected team of heroes ever in this hilarious, action-packed series for kids 8-12, reluctant readers, and adults!

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Monster Problems: Vampire Misfire

Monster Problems: Vampire Misfire

12-year-old Bram Murray is a foster kid who’s always raised eyebrows. Sure, he stays up all night, has amazing reflexes, and only eats red-colored food, but Bram just thought he was different. He never imagined that he’s the world’s last living vampire—or that he’s being hunted!

After escaping a werewolf ambush, Bram is recruited into the Van Helsing Academy, a secret school for monster kids. There, Bram meets new friends who are just like him—including Aura, a ghost girl, InvisiBill, an invisible boy, and Rage, a wallflower who transforms into an uncontrollable beast. As Bram discovers clues about his mysterious past, he and his friends learn to harness their powers to become heroes. Unfortunately, they just may be the most pathetic monsters ever! But they better figure it out fast, because the Dark Ones have resurfaced, and they’re searching for a powerful artifact to resurrect Count Dracula and conquer the world! Can Bram and his friends stop the Dark Ones before it’s too late—or will they accidentally unleash even more Monster Problems?


Monster Problems 2: Down for the Count

Monster Problems 2

Bram Murray is learning what it takes to be a hero at the secret Van Helsing Academy for Supernatural children. He’s growing more comfortable with his vampire abilities, slowly gaining the trust of his friends, and feeling like he finally belongs. But unfortunately for Bram, everything is about to change.

When the school’s mystical protection against evil is suddenly compromised, everyone is in grave danger. That’s because hidden inside the academy is the Spear of Darkness, an enchanted artifact capable of plunging the world into eternal night. If the Dark Ones find it first, Count Dracula will be able to conquer the world unhindered by daylight. It’s up to Bram and his friends to stop him, but who put the school in danger in the first place? Was it the mysterious new girl, the strange substitute professor, or Bram himself? 


Monster Problems 3: Prince of Dorkness

Monster Problems 3

Bram Murray wants nothing more than to forget his destiny. He’s finally made true friends in the Monstrosities and found a real home at the Van Helsing Academy for Supernatural children. For Bram, life would be perfect if everything just stayed the same forever. But Count Dracula has other plans.

When the Dark Ones attack a major city and turn innocent civilians into monsters, Count Dracula’s war against humanity has officially begun. To end the war, Bram knows he must stop the King of Darkness once and for all, even if it costs him his life! But is Bram ready to face the greatest evil of all time on his own? And can he stop himself from turning into a full-fledged vampire? 


Series Collection

Monster Problems Series Collection: Books 1-3

Get all 3 Monster Problems books in one monstrous 500+ page volume at a reduced price! Note: The paperback edition collects books 1-3 in a single volume and is not a boxed set.

The Monster Problems Collection includes:
- Monster Problems: Vampire Misfire
- Monster Problems 2: Down for the Count
- Monster Problems 3: Prince of Dorkness

Monster Problems is the hilarious, action-packed series that will entertain kids 8-12, reluctant readers, and adults. Monster Problems includes 32 illustrated character profiles.