Monster Problems Series

The World Needed Heroes. It Got Kid Monsters...

**Readers' Favorite Book Awards Winner**
★★★★★ Over 600 five-star series reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

12-year-old Bram Murray is a foster kid who’s always raised eyebrows. Sure, he stays up all night, has amazing reflexes, and eats only red-colored food, but Bram just thought he was different. He never imagined that he’s the world’s last living vampire—or that he’s being hunted!

After escaping a werewolf ambush, Bram is recruited into the Van Helsing Academy, a secret school for monsters. There, Bram meets kids who are just like him—including Aura, a ghost girl, InvisiBill, an invisible boy, and Rage, a wallflower who can transform into an uncontrollable beast. Bram and his friends may be the most pathetic monsters ever, but they'd better learn how to be heroes fast because the Dark Ones have returned, and they’re trying to resurrect Count Dracula to conquer the world!

Monster Problems is the hilarious, action-packed series that will entertain kids 8-12, reluctant readers, and adults. Each book contains stunningly illustrated character profiles and monster field guides.

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