R.L. Ullman School Visit

Author Visits are the best part of the job and I'd be thrilled to visit your school!

I love talking to students (either in-person or virtually) and I’d be honored to speak at your school!

Here are some details about my author visits:

What is your presentation like?
I believe every student has a unique story to tell. My goal is to encourage students to express their voice creatively in whatever manner they feel most comfortable. I have an engaging presentation that gets students excited about writing and teaches them how to create page-turning stories.

What do you talk about?
My presentation is fun and interactive! I use lots of familiar movie and book references to show students how popular stories are created and how they can create them too!

I typically cover the following topics but can make adjustments based on need:

  • Why Writing is Super Cool
  • The Power of the Words "What If?"
  • How to Create Fascinating Characters
  • The Hidden Structure of Page-Turning Stories
  • The Pros and Cons of Working in Your Pajamas
  • Group Exercise: We'll Create a Blockbuster Story in 5 Minutes or Less!
  • Anything Goes Question & Answer Section

Who is it for?
I primarily speak at elementary schools. For grades 3-6, I'll focus on my middle grade books EPIC ZERO, MONSTER PROBLEMS, and UNLEGENDARY DRAGON. For grades 1-2, I'll focus on my picture books PETUNIA THE UNICORN and THE DAY THE SCREENS STOOD STILL.

Can I order discounted and personalized books for my students?
Absolutely! Once we lock down a date, I’ll provide you with order forms to distribute to your students. I'm also happy to sign a personalized inscription for each student. The key is to ensure we have enough lead time so the books can be delivered on the day of my visit.

Where do you travel?
I do in-person school visits within a 50-mile radius of Ridgefield, Connecticut. If your school is outside of this area, we can arrange an engaging virtual school visit.

What do you charge?

Fees are as follows:

  • A virtual visit is $100 for a 45-minute session with Q&A
  • An in-person, half-day visit is $500 for 1-2 presentations with Q&A (45 min each)
  • An in-person full-day visit is $900 for 3-4 presentations with Q&A (45 min each)
  • There are no additional fees

What are the next steps?
If you’re interested in booking a school visit, just fill in the Contact form here and I'll get back to you!