Epic Zero 4: Tales of a Total Waste of Time (Paperback)

Title: Paperback
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Book 4 in the bestselling, award-winning Epic Zero series!
★★★★★ Over 11,000 five-star series reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!

Elliott Harkness thinks he has it all figured out. He's (sort of) in control of his powers and finally living the superhero life. But after a not-so-heroic encounter with a time-traveling crook, Elliott wakes up one morning to discover everyone in his life is gone—and he might be next!

Elliott realizes the time-trotting trouble-maker has traveled into the past and changed everything! In order to fix his reality, Elliott must follow him. However, he can’t mess with history or reveal his true identity, otherwise he might set off a chain reaction that alters his present forever! But his own existence is up for grabs when he meets his parents as young adults, and they hate each other! And that’s not all! A mysterious villain is searching for a powerful cosmic object that threatens the universe, and it may be buried in the past!

With the fate of the present riding on fixing the past, will Elliott become the epic hero he’s always wanted to be—or will he always be just an Epic Zero?

Epic Zero 4 is the fourth book in the hilarious, action-packed series that will entertain kids 8-12, reluctant readers, and adults. Epic Zero 4 includes 16 illustrated character profiles and a full glossary of superpowers.

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Format Paperback
Pages 187
Reading Age 8-12
AR Quiz Available Yes
ISBN 978-1-953713-34-6
Dimensions 5.25 x 0.47 x 8 inches
Publication Date November 17, 2018
Publisher But That's Another Story... Press

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