Epic Zero 5: Tales of an Unlikely Kid Outlaw (Paperback)

Title: Paperback
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Epic Zero 5 Signed Book

Book 5 in the bestselling, award-winning Epic Zero series!

★★★★★ Over 8,000 five-star series reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

Elliott Harkness still has lots to learn. After all, not everyone loves superheroes. And when Elliott accidentally damages Keystone City’s subway system while stopping a pair of dangerous villains, he’s suddenly labeled as a menace to society!

Elliott is scheduled to appear on national television to explain what happened, but before he can defend himself, he’s arrested by a squad of Intergalactic Paladins and brought before a council of aliens who believe Elliott is responsible for the escape of the dreaded Krule the Conqueror! If Elliott can’t prove his innocence, he’ll be banished into the 13th Dimension forever! And if that’s not frightening enough, Elliott learns his friend Wind Walker is trapped inside the 13th Dimension, and only Elliott can save him!

With his freedom hanging in the balance, will Elliott become the epic hero he’s always wanted to be—or will he always be just an Epic Zero?

Epic Zero 5 is the fifth book in the hilarious, action-packed series that will entertain kids, middle school students, and adults. Epic Zero 5 includes 16 illustrated character profiles and a full glossary of superpowers.

Format Paperback
Pages 191
Reading Age 8-12 years
ISBN 978-1-953713-36-0
Dimensions 5.25 x 0.48 x 8 inches
Publication Date March 30, 2019
Publisher But That's Another Story... Press

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