Petunia the Unicorn Moves to the Big City (Hardcover)

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Gold Medal Winner - Mom's Choice Awards!
Royal Dragonfly Picture Book Award Winner!

"I think I might be obsessed with this book." ★★★★★ Readers' Favorite
Meet Petunia Cupcake Fluffybottom—a magical little unicorn making her way in the human world! This heartwarming new picture book series encourages young readers to embrace their uniqueness and sparkle from the inside out.
Unicorns? On West 81st Street?!
When Petunia and her glamorous unicorn aunt, Lady Rainbow Sprinkles Fluffybottom, move to West 81st Street in Manhattan, they cause a sparkling sensation! To their surprise, no one has ever seen a unicorn before, let alone two, and they attract lots of attention wherever they go!
Soon, large crowds flock to their street to catch a glimpse of the Fluffybottoms, frustrating their neighbors who demand the unicorns leave their once-peaceful street immediately! Petunia and her aunt try to smooth things over by inviting the neighbors to a hoof-tapping, glitter-filled dinner party. But when everything goes hilariously wrong, can Petunia convince her skeptical neighbors that unicorns belong in the city too?
You'll fall in love with Petunia—the little unicorn with a big heart!
As a unicorn in the real world, Petunia is different in every way possible. Kids will relate to Petunia as she experiences familiar challenges and rises to meet them with kindness, bravery, and a sprinkle of unicorn magic! No matter the situation, Petunia is always unapologetically herself, inspiring kids to be their unique, authentic selves too!
With laugh-out-loud humor, colorful illustrations, and dazzling unicorn magic, Petunia the Unicorn will quickly become a beloved family favorite.

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Format Hardback
Pages 40
Reading Age 3-7
ISBN 978-1-953713-17-9
Dimensions 8.5 x 0.25 x 8.5 inches
Publication Date February 28, 2022
Publisher But That's Another Story... Press

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