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R.L. Ullman

Petunia the Unicorn's Magically Marvelous Ballet (Signed Hardcover)

Petunia the Unicorn's Magically Marvelous Ballet (Signed Hardcover)

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★★★★★ "Magical and bursting with charm." — Readers' Favorite

A Unicorn? In Ballet Class???
Join the hilariously charming adventures of Petunia Cupcake Fluffybottom—a magical little unicorn making her way in the big human world!

Petunia is excited to try new activities in the human world but her horn keeps getting in the way! Auntie Sprinkles encourages her to try ballet because all Fluffybottoms are blessed with remarkable grace. Petunia discovers that she loves ballet, even though she’s FAR from graceful!

Petunia has a lot to learn, but she dreams about dancing as the magical Princess Dove in the upcoming ballet recital. She practices hard but another ballerina wins the role and Petunia is given the part of a bug. Petunia is excited to perform, but when disaster strikes right before the big show will she get her chance to sparkle on stage?

You’ll fall in love with Petunia the Unicorn!
As a unicorn in the real world, Petunia is different in every way possible. Kids will relate to Petunia as she experiences familiar challenges and rises to meet them with kindness, bravery, and a sprinkle of unicorn magic! No matter the situation, Petunia is always unapologetically herself, inspiring kids to be their unique, authentic selves too!

With beautiful illustrations, laugh-out-loud humor, and empowering themes, the Petunia the Unicorn series will quickly become a beloved family favorite.

Format Hardcover
Pages 40
Reading Age 3-8 years
ISBN 978-1953713247
Dimensions 8.5 x 0.25 x 8.5 inches
Publication Date November 11, 2022
Publisher But That's Another Story... Press
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